Tips For Scheduling

Only schedule your appointment for the time you plan on being here.  Do not schedule at a different time and include a note telling us you will be here at a different time.  The reason the time you wanted was unavailable is because someone else is already scheduled at that time.

If the time you would like to come in is not available, please email us ( and let us know what day and approximate time you would like to schedule, and we will let you know if it is possible to squeeze in your appointment.

Returning patients may walk-in for treatment, but we strongly recommend making an appointment. Patients with appointments are given priority over walk-ins, and you may have to wait. New patients must first schedule an appointment and will not be seen as walk-ins.

If you need to cancel or move your appointment, you may do so online up to TWELVE HOURS before your scheduled appointment.  If you need to cancel your appointment with less than twelve hours notice, please email ( or call (386-626-1944).  There is a $15.00 fee for canceling appointments with less than twelve hours notice.

If you are trying to schedule appointments for multiple people, in order for people coming in together to be seen back-to-back, your appointments must be scheduled back-to-back.  For returning patients, this means your appointments need to be 10 minutes apart.  For new patients, this means your appointments need to be 30 minutes apart.  If you are unable to find back-to-back appointments open in the online scheduler, please email us ( with the name, phone number, and email address of each person who would like to come in, along with the day and approximate time you would like to schedule, and we will coordinate your appointments for you.

Please do not schedule appointments for other people using your account.  Due to patient privacy rules, it is important that each person has their own account, using their own email address, name, and phone number.  Parents may use their email address for children under eighteen.

New Patients, please complete your new patient paperwork BEFORE your scheduled appointment time.   You may arrive ten minutes early on the day of your appointment and fill it out at the clinic or you can download and print it here.  It will also be emailed to you the day before your appointment, along with information about what to wear, where we are located, and where to park.  Having your paperwork completed before your appointment helps keep everyone on schedule.  We value your time and we are very rarely behind schedule.

Our online scheduler is one of the many systems we use to help keep our rates so affordable.  It also gives you complete control over making, moving, and canceling your appointments.  It only requires your name, phone number, and email address.