First Visit

Download your New Patient Paperwork here.

Welcome to Our Community! We are delighted that you have decided to join us for acupuncture!  Here are a few things that we think it is helpful for you to know.


  • As a courtesy to our allergy patients, we ask that you please do not wear strong perfumes or colognes, or smoke cigarettes at least two hours beforehand, when coming to the clinic.
  • If you are able to, please print the paperwork, complete it at home, and bring it with you to your treatment.  This will allow us to get your treatment started sooner.  If you are unable to print the paperwork beforehand, we ask that you arrive at least ten minutes early so it can be completed before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Bring a list of: all medications and supplements you are taking, any diagnosed medical conditions, and any surgeries or significant traumas/accidents you have had.  If you print and complete the paperwork beforehand, you may write this information on the back.
  • Wear loose clothing.  We do primarily distal points (points located on the arms, the knees to the feet, and on the head and neck).  We need access to these areas of the body.
  • Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages at least 5 hours before your appointment.
  • Have a light meal or snack before the visit.  Heavy meals can cause nausea.  An empty stomach can be the cause of dizziness after a treatment.
  • Do not eat or drink food that changes the color of your tongue, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Remember that you are being treated at a community acupuncture clinic.  This means that other people will be receiving treatment at the same time as you.  The space is quiet and peaceful, with low lighting and soft music.  If you would like, you may bring your mp3 player and earbuds, or a book to read, although most people find the treatment too relaxing to read during.

After your acupuncture treatment:

  • You may feel a little light-headed.  If so, please have a seat in the reception area.  In a few minutes, you will feel relaxed and clear-headed.
  • Do not drink alcohol or eat greasy or spicy foods.  Drink plenty of water.
  • Rest is preferable.  Make the day as easy as possible.

We provide community acupuncture.  This means that you will receive treatment in a large, quiet, comfortable room; you will be sitting in a recliner, rather than lying on a table; you do not need to disrobe, you just need to roll your sleeves up as high as possible and your pants up to your knees. You and your acupuncturist will speak briefly before you get treated.  Most people stay for forty-five minutes to an hour, by you may stay longer if you would like.  Last but not least, there will be other people getting treated at the same time, in the same room, in the same way.  We love community acupuncture because it makes it easy for people to get treatment whenever they want, to be treated with their families and friends, to feel comfortable rather than isolated, and to create together a collective energetic that makes the individual treatments more powerful and clinically effective.

If you need to be up by a certain time, please let us know and we will make sure you are up in time.  Please bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.  We have pillows, blankets, and earplugs, but if you prefer your own, you can bring those, too.

If you like, please come early or stay late and have a cup of tea before or after your treatment.  Feel free to socialize in the waiting area, but we appreciate it if you remain quiet in the treatment area.